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Sample scripts using SoX.

Files ending in '.sh' are Unix /bin/sh scripts; files ending in '.bat' are Windows cmd batch files.

  • - Create an alternating alert tone. (view) (download)
  • batch-example.bat - Example of how to do batch processing with SoX on MS-Windows. (view) (download)
  • - Crossfade two audio files. (view) (download)
  • - Crossfade two audio files into a single file. (view) (download)
  • - Create a set of audio files that can be used to test audio equipment reproduction quality. (view) (download)
  • - Trim and normalise voice recordings. (view) (download)

N.B. Some of the above scripts contain hard-coded paths to the SoX executables which may need to be modified according to where SoX is installed on your system.

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