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This release handles the following audio file formats:

  • Raw files in various binary formats
  • Raw textual data
  • Amiga 8svx files
  • Apple/SGI AIFF files
  • SUN .au files
    • PCM, u-law, A-law
    • G7xx ADPCM files (read only)
    • mutant DEC .au files
    • NeXT .snd files
  • AVR files
  • CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio format)
  • CVS and VMS files (continuous variable slope)
  • GSM files
  • HTK files
  • LPC-10 files
  • Macintosh HCOM files
  • Amiga MAUD files
  • AMR-WB & AMR-NB (with optional libamrwb & libamrnb libraries)
  • MP3 (with optional libmad and libmp3lame libraries)
  • MP4, AAC, AC3, WAVPACK, AMR-NB files (with optional ffmpeg library)
  • AVI, WMV, Ogg Theora, MPEG video files (with optional ffmpeg library)
  • Ogg Vorbis files (with optional Ogg Vorbis libraries)
  • FLAC files (with optional libFLAC)
  • IRCAM SoundFile files
  • NIST SPHERE files
  • Turtle beach SampleVision files
  • Sounder & Soundtool (DOS) files
  • Yamaha TX-16W sampler files
  • SoundBlaster .VOC files
  • Dialogic/OKI ADPCM files (.VOX)
  • Microsoft .WAV files
    • PCM, u-law, A-law
    • GSM
    • RIFX (big endian)
  • WavPack files (with optional libwavpack library)
  • Psion (palmtop) A-law WVE files and Record voice notes
  • Maxis XA Audio files
    • EA ADPCM (read support only, for now)
  • Pseudo formats that allow direct playing/recording from most audio devices
  • The "null" pseudo-file that reads and writes from/to nowhere

The audio effects/tools included in this release are as follows:

Multiple audio files can be combined (and then further processed with effects) using any one of the following combiner methods:

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