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9. Playing audio files on the Vaxstation 4000 (VMS).

The section describes various ways of playing sounds under VMS.

9.1 Without DECsound.

".au" files can be played by COPYING them to device "SOA0:". This device is set up by enabling the driver SODRIVER. You can use the following command file:

$!---------------- cut here -------------------------------
$!    enable SOUND driver
$ run sys$system:sysgen
connect soa0 /adapter=0 /csr=%x0e00 /vector=%o304 /driver=sodriver
$ exit
$!----------------- cut here ------------------------------------

9.2 With DECsound (bundled with motif).

Just start DECsound by selecting it from the session manager in the applications menu. (Not there use "@vue$library:sound$vue_startup"). Make sure settings; device type (vaxstation 4000) and play settings (headphone jack) are selected. To play files from the DCL prompt (handy if you want to play sounds on a remote workstation) set a symbol up as follows;

DCL> play

9.3 Audio port.

The external audio port comes with a telephone-jack-like port. For starters, you can plug a telephone RECEIVER right into this port to hear your first sound files. After that, you can use the adapter (that came with the VaxStation), and plug in a small set of stereo speakers or headphones (the kind you'd plug into a WALKMAN, for example), for more volume. The adapter also has a microphone plug so that you can record sounds if DECsound is installed.

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