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1. Introduction.

This is version 4 of this FAQ. This FAQ was started in November 1991 under the name "The audio formats guide" by Guido van Rossum <>. I have taken over from his fine work in order to keep the information readily available to those interested in it.

Lots of the links to software in this document were last updated in 1995 and so may be outdated. Any help is appreciated with correcting mistakes, whether grammar or technical, in this document.

This FAQ is occasionally posted either unchanged (just to inform new readers), or updated (if I learn more or when new hardware or software becomes popular). I post to alt.binaries.sounds.{misc,d} and to comp.dsp, for maximal coverage of people interested in audio, and to {news,comp}.answers, for easy reference.

The most recent version of this FAQ can be found on the web at along with various other audio information.

Send updates, comments and questions to <>. I'd like to thank everyone who sent updates in the past and most of all thank Guido van Rossum for starting this FAQ in the first place.

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